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We are serious when we state: 

We are a family operated, small business and we started our business as a result of our desire for pet food safety. On March 2007 we experienced the worst food contamination in history, a wide recall of many brands and more than 5300 pet food products, not only in the US, but all over the world. There have been thousands upon thousands of pet deaths from renal failure, kidneys and liver failure. As a result we decided to stop feeding our pets commercial food and tried find a healthy and safe alternative. We started researching about pet nutrition and metabolism, we consulted with our trusted, long time veterinary doctor and developed our own healthy pet food brand. We strongly believe that real love is treating our pet children the way we treat ourselves, therefore we donít use any ingredients in their food that we wouldnít use in ours. Our dream is, that there will never be another pet parent suffering over the lost of a pet that died from eating tainted food. 

We like to think of all our valued customers as Pooch Yum, a unique breed of pet owners who go beyond the average pet and pet owner relationship. We know they only want the best for their pet, that is why we create and prepare each dish with care and love and offer all our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What keeps us going is the positive feedback we receive from our customers. We love to hear from our customers describing how happy they were when they opened their food box and saw their pets tail wagging in anticipation We love to hear how their pet now struts around the house, with renew energy and agility. These memories are what Pooch Yum is all about. After all is said and gone it is what really matter to us. 

The most important thing to us is your petís health, happiness and well being.



Besides Pooch Yum, our business includes:
Original jewelry line for pets and pet parents. Now you can match your pooch! :)
We provide your pooch with an activity that will stimulate him mentally and physically, to help him become a happier and well-balanced dog
~ We absolutely love what we do and cherish every little client ~

Find out for yourself!

Give us a try! :)